Montreal’s world-class aquarium is coming to Royalmount in 2024

“Live” the Aquarium as you and fascinating aquatic animals connect in a spectacular underwater world celebrating the biodiversity of our blue planet.

The Aquarium de Montréal invites animal lovers to come and "live" the aquatic world! Enter curious, exit inspired after a journey exploring amazing environments and enjoying innovative activities for animals and people.


Our mission is to offer guests a unique and immersive experience which connects them with the diversity of aquatic life and inspires them to protect the ecosystems in which they are found, including those surrounding Montreal.

An inspiring experience

Celebrate the diversity of aquatic animals!

The Aquarium de Montréal will offer an educational and inspiring visit, celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of species and their habitats while encouraging visitors to help preserve them.

The Montreal region is home to many important freshwater ecosystems. We will introduce some very interesting species that share our home and that need our best conservation effort.

The future Aquarium de Montréal will lead by innovation, combining spectacular habitats and unique immersive experiences for guests of all ages and abilities.

Our 12 commitments

Throughout our actions, both in the development of the Aquarium and in our operations, we are committed to respecting best practices in three main areas.

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