Work With Us

The Aquarium de Montréal is currently recruiting for several individuals with special talents and skills to join our diverse and passionate team.

We are looking for people who share our values and commitment to animal welfare and the conservation of aquatic life. 

All kinds of great opportunities await you!

Open Positions

All applicants can send in their application now, however applications will only be reviewed in spring 2024 for the 3 positions below and in the summer 2024 for spontaneous applications.

Director of Animal Care, Conservation and Research

The Director of Animal Care, Conservation and Research is responsible for marine animals and living environments at the Aquarium de Montréal. This pioneer leads the large team taking care of aquatic life made up of two senior aquarists, a dozen specialized aquarists, a dozen trainees, two animal health technicians and a team of three life support system technicians. The Director also leads conservation and research projects and associated partnerships.

Senior LSS Technician

The Senior Life Support Systems Technician will assist the Aquarium's Director of Animal Care, Conservation and Research in the development, operations and management of the aquarium's water quality and systems division. This position requires a dedicated person to oversee all life support systems in the aquarium.

Senior Aquarist

The Senior Aquarist plays a leading role in the management and maintenance of the Aquarium de Montreal's living collection. The Senior Aquarist will be responsible for a healthy and safe environment for the growing and diverse collection of fish and other small marine animals. The Senior aquarist must not be afraid to touch everything and help their colleagues.

Spontaneous applications

Send a spontaneous application to the following address