Our commitment

Throughout our actions, both in the development of the aquarium and in our operations, we are committed to respecting best practices in three key areas.

Animal health and welfare

What will we do?

We are animal lovers and will treat them like family members.

High level of care

We will not compromise on providing the highest standards of animal care. We will never put commercial advantage ahead of the needs of the animals and their welfare.


It is our intention to expediently obtain CAZA and AZA accreditations following the opening. The accreditation process is an independent audit with established criteria for animal care, education, conservation and research.

Habitat construction

We will create beautiful and healthy habitats adapted to the natural behaviours of our animals so that they can enjoy a comfortable and rewarding life where their mental and physical wellbeing is measured and prioritized.

Conservation and research

What will we do?

The Aquarium will collaborate on research, rehabilitation and conservation projects in partnership with university faculties and national parks.


We will support conservation efforts in the wild, dedicate time and resources to studying threatened species, and support conservation strategies to protect them.


We will set up research projects initiated by local organizations or universities aimed at the protection of animal species in the region and presented at the Aquarium.


We will be working with rescue centers to offer refuge to certain species in the Montreal area or abroad that have been rescued and are in need of rehabilitation.


We will actively participate in breeding programs for endangered species in order to help repopulate zoological and wild species.

Sustainable development

What will we do?

The Aquarium will make it a priority to align itself with the values promoted by tourism and sustainable development. As such, we envision that the Aquarium, as a whole, will create significant benefits to the protection of our ecosystems, our economy and our community.

Choice of materials

The architectural team's choice of building materials will be made to reduce the project's footprint. Plumbing fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens will be selected for their reduced water and energy use.

Minimize our energy consumption

We will reduce our energy consumption by about 30% by connecting to the energy loop developed by Royalmount, adopting best practices in habitat development and using energy efficient lighting systems.

Minimize our water consumption

The entire water system for the habitats will be closed loop and connected to the latest filtration and water recovery systems, allowing us to release as little water as possible during Aquarium operations.

Minimize our waste production

We will minimize waste generation at the source by promoting the consumption of goods that are less harmful to the environment. We will also adopt best practices in composting and recycling.

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